DJ - The Automated Station DJ

2010-09-21 - Currently this package needs to be updated. I have the modifications completed but not uploaded to this site. Contact me at dosman ] @ [ packetsniffers dot org for the latest version. Thanks!

The Cygwin package is a fully functioning Linux-like environment that runs on top of Windows to support the DJ script package. The purpose of this is to allow the DJ script to run directly on a part15 radio stations playout system running Windows. DJ is a script that generates dynamic text to speech reports from an unlimited domain of input text for part15 radio stations and other uses. No knowledge of Linux is required to use the basic features of this package, the base configuration is easily configured with a prompt-driven menu. There are two files for download, the DJ scripts and a Cygwin environment for running DJ on a Windows host (most likely your playout station for ZaraRadio users).

The Cygwin package contains the DJ scripts so there is no need to download both. If you want to run DJ on your existing Linux/Unix host you can download just the DJ package, full instructions are included on the additional packages you will need in order to perform all the processing DJ does. The Cygwin environment requires 1.1GB to install, 900MB after removing the installer.



* Generates spoken audio from text input sources and websites
* Mixes in randomly chosen background music if desired
* Outputs to either mp3 or wav formats (mp3 is prefered)
* Chooses random sentences from a phrase book file for dynamic reports
	Ex: "And now the 1680AM gas prices from around town" and "What a fine $SEASON day for gas, prices that is"
* Garble protection - the script tries to detect errors in html processing and aborts gracefully
	Ex: When a website changes their HTML the DJ will announce "Danger! Will Robinson" rather than treat your listeners to the sound of raw HTML being fed into a text2speech engine.
* Script, modules, and support files are self-documented for easy customization
* Modular design allows easy addition of new content
* Has easily updated dictionaries to assist the text-to-speech software pronounce words correctly
	Ex: "St." becomes "street", "911" becomes "nine eleven" rather than "nine hundred eleven"
* Experimental support for CGI streaming output
* Cygwin environment includes 12 voices plus 1 male voice for speaking Spanish

Included modules (supported input sources):
* Gas prices from
* Current weather from
* AP News from public RSS feeds
* News from Slashdot headlines
* News from Russia Today's English RSS feed
* USGS earthquake report
* Movie listings via Google by zip-code (based on theaters near a given zip-code)
* Current events for your locality, requires writing your own sub-modules for website calendars in your area


For dj-cygwin-1.0.exe, just run the installer. One note, currently it MUST be installed in the default location or Cygwin will bork. Then run the dj-menu.bat file to begin customizing it. See the included dj-cygwin-readme.txt file in the C:\cygwin directory for more details.

For the dj-2.0.tar.gz, just unpack it any place on your existing Linux/Unix system. DJ requires ImageMagick, GOCR, ecasound, and of course Festival (or Flite) for text2speech capabilities. See the dj-readme.txt file for additional details.

What it does

DJ is designed to drop mp3 files to a location that your playout system can read them from. The cron system included in Cygwin will run DJ at configured times, typcially just a few minutes before your playout system attempts to play the reports.

The future

DJ is a work in progress. For bug reports, feature requests, and general feedback you can reach me at dosman [@]