1680AM The Ocho!

Our format consists of modern remixes of Commodore SID music, video game remixes, and a mixture of other music as well. We take pride in operating a fully automated radio station with our robo-DJ Sunny. He calls out the current gas prices and weather every hour, and also gives news updates periodically throughout the day. The Ocho! operates on the north end of town and can be heard along parts of Old 37 and Walnut Street.

What is Part15?

The Ocho is an unlicensed part15 radio station. Part 15 of FCC regulations allows anyone in the US to run an AM radio station that has the potential to reach an audience from 1 to 4 miles away. This is the same regulation that allows one to operate a cordless phone and other low-power RF transmitters without having an FCC license. It's a fun hobby and completely legal, no pirates here!


Towards the end of 2006 Zach and dosman had the idea to build a low power non-licensed radio station. We ordered an AMT3000 100mA transmitter kit from SSTRAN and assembled it earlier in the year. By April of 2007 it was on the air and broadcasting about 100 feet. Over the following months we had the antenna tuned better and we were getting a listenable signal with a radius of about .5 miles. About this time dosman had hourly podcasts being generated to deliver local gas prices along with news and slashdot headlines twice a day. By the end of the summer the station had a few regular listeners and a lot of automation and schedule rotations. The format was mostly C64 SID remixes (techno) from Slay Radio along with Esperanto programming and NES game remixes. In December Zach moved to away so the station had to be taken off the air. We decommisioned the station on the afternoon of December 22th, 2007. There were a couple attempts to revive the station which did not work out. However dosman continued developing the DJ automation in the stations absence, it went through several major revisions during this period. Finally on May 8th 2011 at 2:44pm the Ocho came back online again at dosman's new location.


The Ocho relies on a sophisticated scheduling system based on Zara Radio, Windows scripts, and Unix scripts. Various playlists are rotated which call random tracks and bumpers, also scheduled events like the weather and news are queued up at specific times during the day. On the menu under "Station Reports" are reports we use to keep tabs on how the system is operating.